Naughty Dog is LOSING! Comic Crisis DENIAL! HERoric Hollywood FAILED! Superman RETURNS

Welcome to Friday Night Tights with Geeks + Gamers Tonight we will discuss Naughty Dog’s TAKEDOWNS and some other brainy legal stuff with very special guest Nick Rekieta from  @Rekieta Law  ! The Comic Shop Crisis gets to a discouraging place. Birds of Prey, Dark Fate, Charlies Angels Supergirl (Film and TV), Batwoman, and Doctor Who have killed genre entertainment and the questioned has to be asked. Is corporate sponsored I.D. politics FINALLY at its end? YES! DISNEY LOSES 1.4 Billion and those Star Trek being sold rumors are still out there. All this and YOU! Hosts: Gary from @Nerdrotic Jeremey  @DDayCobra  from  @Geeks + Gamers   @Odin’s Movie Blog   @Comix Division  AZ from  @HeelvsBabyface  special appearance from Peter Semeti from  @Alterna Comics 

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