Marvel’s New Warriors ROASTED as Comic Industry BURNS

Recently the New Warriors were CLOWNED by Joe Rogan and Kurt Metzger showing how comically bad things have become. It’s moments like this that define the crisis that is Comic Books. You think anyone in the industry noticed? Recently there was another live stream with Steve Geppi (owner of Diamond Distributors) and Publishers on  @Comic Book News with Dan Shahin  channel (linked below) and Marvel and DC couldn’t find ANYONE to show up and only 200+ people were watching. Too bad it turned into Stev Geppi story time. The only good news is Marvel’s New Warriors was delayed until 7/15 and maybe it may get cancelled or be digital only. THAT would be a good sign, but I won’t get my hopes up. The Comic Industry has this one chance to change and we will find out because as things open back up The Comic Crisis has only begun. Livestream link: JOR ROGAN with KURT METZGER Podcast

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  1. The real question fans have had, is how much money do these companies have left to lose on this agenda over quality kick they are on. Just how broke can they afford, to be woke?

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