The Last of Us 2 Leaks DISASTER | Naughty Dog and Sony CANCEL YouTubers

The Last Of Us 2 leaks disaster has put Sony and Naughty Dog into to full panic mode. Attacking YouTubers with claims and strikes. Including some of my friends WE DO NOT KNEEL  @DDayCobra  from  @Geeks + Gamers  ,  @Gaming With Geeks  ,  @HeelvsBabyface  ,  @Just Some Guy  , and  @Ryan Kinel – RK Outpost 

We did a live stream on this last night on Friday Night Tights and it can be found here:

Please check out these videos on this subject from some of my friends and other great YouTubers:

 @Geeks + Gamers


 @Just Some Guy


@Ryan Kinel – RK Outpost

 @Gaming With Geeks

 @Rekieta Law

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  1. Hi gary only recently found your channel and whilst i am definately into good sci fi and not this current rubbish, i am not a gamer. It appears to me that all forms of entertainment are being affected or more to the point infected with more and more agendas (agenders) and telling a good story has gone out the window.

    And this rubbish they spout about diversity seems like women couldn’t get a starring role in any tv show or movie prior to now. Let me think mary tyler moore show,bewitched,i dream of jeannie,pettycoat junction,voyager with female captain,and i could go on. As for original trek which i watched as a teenager let me think ahura black woman, chekov russian, sulu asian, hell they even had a canadian captain and the stories were about all these different races getting along with each other for the common good of mankind which is still a long way off unfortunately. And getting along with other aliens as well in the 60’s no less.

    I wrote to the bbc to find out when we were going to get a black gay mr darcy seeing how changing sex and sexual orientation was such a big thing now , but they must have been too busy patting themselves on the back over the dr who ratings to get back to me.

    Instead of whinging about this, why not put the ball back in their court by asking all these so called sjws,how diverse they really are ie how many black or gay or transgender friends do you have. Not colleages but friends that you invite around to your house for a barbecue on family occasions like birthdays etc. Or call to look after the kids when your held up at work. If they can’t think of any then they must only be using them to tick their little boxes. As for the milkshake crew in comics and the force is female photo in star trek, could they all have been toxic white females. Talk about diversity when it suits but didn’t think to invite any of their black friends for milkshakes or for the force is white female photo. Just saying how quick they are to call out men for this.

    Ps i saw the episode with the karens and for my two cents worth.

    In a galaxy far far away but unfortunately not far enough away STAR KARENS featuring karen karen karen and karen and even more karens and fred and barney who teach in some backwater shithole.

    A tale of two karens originally written by karen dickens. But tragically stolen by her evil nephew charles with minor title change to hide his theft.

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