Nerdrotic Website UPDATE 2/5/2022

Podcasts RETURN! Unfortunately I have to get rid of some really old stuff. It’s a bummer but it won’t be missed by anyone. Look for everything from that last 4 weeks to be up on Sunday 2/6 including some brilliant episodes of Friday Night Tights.

New website is in the early stages. Thank you all for you patience and support! YOU RULE!!

– Gary


  1. Outstanding!!! Can’t wait to see the new update & how everything at the new studio goes! Much love for you and yours.

  2. Late as always! This is the incredible lack of quality I’ve come to expect from this website over the years. Good job!

  3. You spend HOURS and HOURS recording NEW content daily (to suck down superchat CASH) but you can’t be bothered to upload a few fucking MP3s to your website?!?!?! Fuck you!!!! I’m done with following your website. You obviously don’t give a shit about your fans. You only care about SUPERCHAT $$$!!!

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