Website Update 2/11/2022

Hey everyone. We have tried and failed multiple times to upload on this Word Press POS site. It is IMPOSSIBLE to contact anyone on about this issue. 1/4 Black Garrett is on it and we hope to have a solution in the next day. Apologies and THANK YOU for you support and patience. – Gary


  1. The ONLY way I can listen to your show is through your website mp3s. I can’t use YouTube to “watch”(/listen) to your vids (and burn up my phone battery at work) every single day. I need an MP3 download option. Can you please fix this issue??? I see you posting new content EVERY FUCKING DAY on YouTube… maybe STOP doing that for a few days and FIX your fucking website already!?!?! I want to be a fan, but you’re making it damn near impossible.

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