Star Trek Picard, Doctor Who, The Fandom Menace, and the Big Picture

Welcome to the Nerdrotic Nooner. Today we will discuss the latest Doctor Who ratings. How well, or not well, is Star Trek Picard REALLY doing? The Fandom Menace was right …about the big picture.


  1. I hate to say it brother, but you’ve disappeared up your own asshole. When your entire channel is saying the exact same thing over and over and over, it’s kind of embarrassing to watch you keep doing it without stopping for one hot minute to ask yourself if this is just one big hot-take, which it clearly is.

    How about you talk about socialism and capitalism for once, those are actually the two forces on which all of your arguments hinge, but instead of looking at the source, you insist on dancing with the fringe and making safe arguments that nobody but soccer moms will disagree with.

    If you want to get subscribers like me, you need to address problems at their source, not just point at the symptoms and cry ‘ill.’

  2. I do love you and your videos, but as someone who cares deeply about the state of things, it is BEYOND depressing to watch a warrior on the front lines of a battle that doesn’t even need to be waged. There is a bigger war here man, and you’re not even wetting your toes.

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