Birds of Prey Fails Fantabulously | HERoic Hollywood is Losing

You have to wonder when the Entertainment Industry will learn that ‘Cause Marketing’ may not be the wisest approach to promoting a film or a TV show. A Bit of a smörgåsbord of schadenfreude. In the last 2 weeks Birds of Prey, Doctor Who, and the Oscars have set new lows. Compounded with the lessons of 2019 it appears Hollywood is losing as is The BBC. After a couple of years of shooting themselves in the foot by shooting off their mouths you think they would learn. Maybe fans don’t really want to listen to professional adult pretenders, and adults who help other adults pretend professionally, complain about how hard life is. Maybe in some cases they just want to enjoy some escapism. Meanwhile, Sonic sores because director Jeff Fowler (the peoples champion) did the unthinkable and listened to the fans.

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