Star Trek Discovery Season 3 in Question After Netflix Rejects Picard

Now that it has been confirmed the Picard series will be on Amazon prime with Netflix passing on the series. My insiders tell me Star Trek Discovery is on thin ice financially. on insider is telling me it is dead in the water. I give CBS some unsolicited advice. This is a news video turned into a rent.
Midnight’s Edge Video:

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  1. I gave up watching this show not long after it began. The franchise disconnected for me with Voyager and Enterprise. I really wanted to like this show but it was an immediate disconnect.

    Remember the days when everyone thought the Temporal Cold War was convoluted and pointless storytelling? Discovery has single handedly outdone even the worst Enterprise and Voyager episodes (See: VOY episode “Flashback.” Then go watch Discovery).

    So far, the only thing this show has seemed to “discover” is how steal other people’s ideas and then name characters after real people. Seriously. There’s a character named Janet Reno?! What. The. F%$K!

    And now, with the introduction of season three, we have a brand new character called “Book.” Yeah. Because we didn’t have one before that (**cough cough Firefly!**) Worse, his full name is “Cleveland Booker” as if a bastardized version of Booker T. Washington.

    The only decent “hour” of television I’ve seen come out of this horrendously badly written series is a short called “Calypso.” That was wonderful ~ the Island portion of Homer’s Odyssey retold. It almost felt like Classic Trek. All in 15 minutes.

    I’m thankful to CBS for the free trial I did when Discovery first came out. I only ended up wasting $5.99 on a couple of more episodes before I cancelled my subscription. I’m thankful that I could watch the Calypso and the season 2 premiere on YouTube for free.

    Here’s the lesson I learned: movie and television franchises are like reading comics from Marvel or DC. They look pretty on the surface but just end up being recycled ideas and other bits of (mostly) stolen ideas.

    They are only interested in feeding a marketing machine.

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