Game of Thrones is Broken | 42% Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score is Only the Beginning

As the Game of Thrones petition to remake season 8 passes a half of million signatures. A large portion of the fandom’s trust has been broken. A long overdue Rotten Tomatoes video with some of my super chats mixed in. You’ve heard what I think of season 8, time to hear what you think. It seems the fans care more for the legacy of the show more than the creators.

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  1. In my opinion, it was around the 6th season that GOT began to deteriorate. The characters got less interesting and more out-of-character action seemed to occur that wasn’t properly developed beforehand or justified afterword. At first I sympathized with the fact that D & D had to write new material within a span of time that was much shorter than the span of time that GRRM had to write the books. And D & D’s writing was expected to continue the series with close to the same quality of material as GRRM. In addition to this burden, they had to labor under the fact that GRRM significantly outclasses them as writers. (I find the continuous references to them, mainly by the cast and crew, as geniuses, to be excessive to say the least.) I perceive that they are skilled screenwriters and adapted GRRM’s material very well–when they had it to work with. But my sympathy quickly evaporated with season 8. They did not come even close to meeting the standards that their own original writing in the previous seasons had established. It struck me a hastily and sloppily written. The character’s behavior displayed almost random choices that seemed entirely incoherent given their established traits and previous actions. The logistics of particular situations and settings got repeatedly ignored–not to mention the plot the preceded those situations. The battle scenes betrayed the fact that not even basic research on medieval warfare had been pursued. Again D & D could not compete with GRRM’s tremendous knowledge of history, but a single evening spent researching a topic like siege warfare during the middle ages could have produced significant improvements with the battle scenes, and in particular the Battle of Winterfell. I hope that D & D take the time to look more carefully at the substance of many of the fan’s complaints as many of those fans are avid readers and some are writers as well; and even those the are not avid readers or writers can make astute and valid criticisms. Perhaps D & D will gain a useful lesson from this, as well as avoid letting the excessive flattery (of those who call them geniuses) go to their heads.

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