Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker on David Tennant Podcast Reaction | Tennant Responds to Doctor Who Too PC

The David Tennant Podcast Jodie Whittaker interview dropped today and i give you my thoughts, highlights and reactions. Also, Radio Times tries to pull David Tennant into the Doctor Who is too PC (which it is) debate. Details inside!

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  1. I take it you don’t understand, Jodie is an ACTOR – not the writer, director, producer. You can criticise her for her acting, but the rest isn’t down to her.

    Incidentally, the Peter Davison and Colin Baker Doctors were crap. But the Doctors before and after are great, and unaffected by the crap incarnations. None of this bollocks will kill the show. It will always come back.

  2. Interestingly yesterday (29 July 2021 ) Chibnall and Jodie announced leaving Dr. Who. After about people fans had said variations on ‘Hooray!’ the comments thread was closed down (it was a BBC thread).

    Today I scanned the net for fan/ viewer reactions to this pair departing. The only threads I could easily find suggested that ‘Fans were Devastated’ by Jodie leaving.

    Mysterious eh?

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