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  1. Hi Garry, just wanted to let you know about a fellow non woke youtuber who goes by the name of ‘Mr.H Reviews’ who is trying to raise funds thru Gofundme for his Norse inspired fantasy horror indie film “Blackfields”. His campaign has reached $20,000 but is struggling to make it to the required $25,000 as the deadline looms. I am sure he would appreciate it if through one of your next live-streams you could mention the film project and Fundraiser etc. I for one want to see an independent non Hollywood short film get made- free of woke and anti fan politics! Heck I am sure Mr.H would even entertain the idea of being interviewed on your channel in order to raise awareness of this film project, and you both share the same interests in all things Sci-fi/Fantasy and no doubt would have no trouble riffing on all things pop culture. Cheers and as always- keep up the good work!
    P.S- he is a Brit, but we can forgive him that…
    Al. S

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