Disney INFERNO! Indy 5 a FLOP? Woke Hollywood Shuts DOWN | FNT 250 w/ Chuck Dixon and Graham Nolan

Welcome to Friday Night Tights: a  @nerdrotic  and  @GeeksandGamers  production

With special guest: Chuck Dixon  @Dixonverse  and Graham Nolan  @NolanverseCC 

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The Lads:

Gary from Nerdrotic, Nerdrotic Live, Nerdrotic Daily

Jeremy from Geeks + Gamers, Sports Wars, Park Hoppin’ – Geeks + Gamers, Geeks + Gamers Clips, Gaming With Geeks

Odin from, OMB Reviews, The OMB Report

Comix Division

Ryan from RK Outpost, RK Outpost Live, RK Outpost Gaming, Patriot Outpost

1/4 Black Garrett

Chrissie Mayr

and AZ from HeelvsBabyface, HAWT Toys

The Terry Gilliam of FNT @Pierry Chan

Produced by Xray Girl from Pour Choices

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