Picard Season 2 Episode 9 Hide and Seek REVIEW

Star Trek Picard Season 2 Episode9 Hide and Seek REVIEW | LIVE Robot Picard is back to get into new repurposed nostalgia bate driven misadventures! Where every Kurtrzman Trek has gone before. Distancing itself from the previous season. Join me! #Picard #PicardSeason2

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  1. This episode destroyed Borg lore and diminished the sacrifice of all those killed and assimilated by them. Robo-Picard continues to tarnish the real Picard’s Legacy. Based on TNG there is no way he would ever allow the borg queen advanced technology in the 21st century and the audacity of these writers continues to show they have no respect for fans or the contributions of real writers in previous iterations of Star Trek.
    God Bless you, Gary.
    I’m outside of Dallas and look forward to more info on the Texas meet up. My birthday is June 6 and that would be a great way to celebrate.

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