The Nerdrotic Nooner: M-She-U vs The D-She-PU: A Race to FAILURE | LOTR on Amazon is DOOMED | Patton Oswalt CRINGE

Welcome to the Nerdrotic Nooner. Today we will discuss the disaster that is Warner Bros and DC Comics taking a page out of the M-She-U playbook of failure. LOR on Prime premieres in 9 months and all we have so far is one production photo and A LOT of bad news. Patton Oswalt is a card carrying cult member so it isn’t a surprise he ran the bus over his ‘friend’ Dave Chapelle. I’ll let you know why I am not going to review the Book of Boba Fett. Does anyone remember the Witcher season 2? All this and whatever YOU want to talk about. Will you be my Nooner?

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  1. It’s Jan 20th you LAZY CUNT! Upload your new content already asshole! (You run your business LIKE TOTAL SHIT).

  2. You update this website so irregularly… it really shows how little you actually care about your fanbase. You’re a total asshole Gary. Fuck you.

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