Eternals: Take The L Marvel | YouTube Removes DISLIKES | Doctor Who DECLINE | Spider-Man: NWH LEAKS

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Welcome to the show today we will do the autopsy on Marvel’s Eternals. It has the lowest audience rating on CinemaScore and the lowest critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes for an MCU film. YouTube did something incredibly stupid today and I have a few thoughts on that. We can also talk about those ‘leaks’ for Spider-Man NWH by the YouTuber who called you cousin humping basement dwellers. All this, as well as some Doctor Who, and whatever YOU want to talk about.


  1. Hello Gary

    thanks for your fight for good story-telling!

    What do you think of the attempt of “Foundation” of Isaac Isimov. A wonderful scince fiction, I read decades ago and really loved. Though it´´s not totally woke I am still quite disapointed and sure you would enjoy pointing out how untalented writers messed up on of the greatest science fiction writers of all time.

    Thanks for all the entertaining videos!
    Greetings from Germany


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