James Bond: No Time To FAIL | A Woke Marketing DISASTER

James Bond No Time To FLOP | Fake Woke Marketing May DESTROY 007

James Bond No Time To FAIL | Cringe Fake Woke Marketing DESTROYING Franchise

MeToo James Bond: No Time to FAIL | Fake Woke Marketing Could DESTROY 007

The fake woke marketing of James Bond No Time to Die continues with the director accusing his main character of be a “therapist” and the producers confirm that this will indeed be a James Bond for the MetToo/Times Up era. No surprise there, they have been telling us this for 2 years. We also learn what Phoebe Whaler Bridge thinks makes a character relatable. It ain’t pretty. Not really sure this is wise considering the film needs to clear 900 million to break even according to the access media.

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  1. Go woke, go broke. Why did they do this to James Bond? Don’t they want to make money? Disappointing woke, unmanly James Bond. But “politically correct”!

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