ATTACKED By Star of Marvel’s Shang-Chi!! The Real BBC with Heelvsbabyface and MauLer

Welcome to a very important episode of The REAL BBC, Bagging, Boarding, and Chatting the comic book show featuring Gary from @Nerdrotic , AZ from  @HeelvsBabyface , and  @MauLer 

Featuring Special guests  @DDayCobra  and  @It’sAGundam 

Marvel Actor, and star of Shang-Chi ATTACKS hosts of Friday Night Tights! Nerdrotic, HeelvsBabyface, Jeremy from  @Geeks + Gamers  , and Ryan from  @Ryan Kinel – RK Outpost  among others. How will we survive such a vicious uncalled for attack?

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  1. I agree with Az – nothing clicked with Shang Chi for me and I pick things up very easy. Maybe they should have followed like Iron Man? Start with one guy, on his own, start from a low point, and having to work things out with other people with his fists up to a final boss in the end where he turns out to be a bad-ass? (Heck, that’s the same plot of some computer games and it works fine!) The problem in putting too much in one film mixed with generic Marvel movie seems to be another point of making something for “everyone” and pleasing NO-ONE. This may have been better as a Disney + series (if they weren’t so effing crap) and build as a base first but it seemed like Marvel don’t understand that they are basically starting from the bottom and then building up and not building on what the original MCU characters because it was the literal “endgame” for several of them.

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