Jodie Whittaker QUITS Doctor Who | The First Female Doctor FAILED | Chris Chibnall OUT as Well

The First Female Doctor FAILED. Jodie Whittaker QUITS Doctor Who Alongside Chris Chibnall After DESTROYING Show. The long rumored Jodie Whittaker exit was announced today with the semi-surprise announcement of Chris Chibnall exiting as well. Something I reported on a little over a year ago in this video: There may be hope, but it will be far more likely The BBC will double down rather than walk back the horrific canon destroying Timeless Children.

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  1. Fantastic news mate after the twits drove all the value out of my roughly $30 000 collection the only better news would be it was just a very scary nightmare and everything they had done to show is reverted back to the most loved sci-fi show in history continuing with a male doctor who isn’t such a loser

  2. Interestingly yesterday (29 July 2021 ) Chibnall and Jodie announced leaving Dr. Who. After about two thosand people had said variations on ‘Hooray!’ the comments thread was closed down (it was a BBC thread).

    Today I scanned the net for fan/ viewer reactions to this pair departing. The only threads I could easily find suggested that ‘Fans were Devastated’ by Jodie leaving.

    Mysterious eh?

    (Originally posted yesterday in old thread).

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