Lord of the Rings BACKLASH | Marvel Phase BORE – Friday Night Tights with EFAP

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The Terry Gilliam of FNT  @Pierry Chan  Master

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  1. This episode was INFURIATING to listen to (and my complaint has nothing to do with the silly Overlord DVD controversy). There was WAY too much talking over one another, and WAY too many conversations about nonsensical gibberish. Gary, you’re the captain of this ship… get your crew in order! Tighten this mess up!

  2. Not good Gary dood. You let Jeremy call us and OVERLORD ‘r-word’ and you don’t say ANY WORD against it? I see the hypocrisy at last, Gary. I expected more from you, what a disappointment.

  3. I didn’t like this episode, it was messy, difficult to follow and the RK comment was not OK. Now you rightly bash Lucasfilm because they let their employee trash the fan, RK just did that….what are you doing about that?

    Please Gary, you are better with Doomcock, the others ‘friends of the shows’ are ok but none are more synergetic with you than Doomcock. and btw, the “KK employment watch” it’s not fun anymore, drop it please. Mocking Mike Zero is one thing but your friend Doomcock…wow that’s low

    The only part I liked was the EFAP gang

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