Here Comes The M-She-U | Captain Marvel DEMOTED! Star WAS Day – The Real BBC (featuring HeelvsBabyface)

Welcome to Bagging, Boarding, and Chatting. The REAL BBC with  @HeelvsBabyface  Today we will discuss Marvel Phase 4: The M-She-U’s teaser trailer invoking Escapism of all things. Is Hollywood waking up? Captain Marvel demoted, The HERternals and Doctor Strange being dropped from WandaVision. The state of Disney Star WAS, Babylon 5 and The Death of Captain Marvel. Grab your bags and boards, your favorite funny books and let’s have a chat!

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  1. As far as a swap of Taskmaster, I do not believe there will be a gender swap. From what I heard the Moon Knight series is supposed to refer heavily to the Bottom MK series which had Moony beat Taskmaster down pretty severely (and I read somewhere that was going to be incorporated into the show). I do not believe disney will allow a male character to trash a female that heavily in current times.

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