Falcon and Winter Soldier is a MESS | Friday Nights Tights with Eric July

Welcome to Friday Night Tights a @Nerdrotic​ in ASSOCIATION with @Geeks + Gamers​ production.

Featuring Special Guests@YoungRippa59​ Eric July

The MAD LADS: Gary from @Nerdrotic@Nerdrotic Daily@Nerdrotic Live​ Jeremy from @Geeks + Gamers@DDayCobra@Sports Wars@Gaming With Geeks@Park Hoppin’ – Geeks And Gamers@Comix Division​ ​ Odin from @OMB Reviews​ and @The OMB Report​ Tom from @Midnight’s Edge​ and @Midnight’s Edge After Dark@1/4 Black Garrett​ from @StevenCrowder​ ​ @Ryan Kinel – RK Outpost​ and @RK Outpost Live​ and AZ from@HeelvsBabyface​ Clip Master @Pierry Chan​ Produced by Xray Girl

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  1. I love you Gary, but this site is so damn unreliable when it comes to uploads. Can you PLEASE get on top of this issue? Shows are always late. It’s extremely irritating.

  2. The whole show is even missing from the FM player. It’s been skipped over completely. This has happened before, but I assumed it was due to the calexit and other factors including the sad passing of family.

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