George RR Martin’s CRYPTIC Winds of Winter UPDATE | Is The Winds of Winter Coming or CANCELLED?

Game of Thrones Season 8 was a disaster, but that isn’t going to stop HBO. As we approach the 10 year anniversary of the premiere of the show. HBO decided to post a ‘Winter is Coming’ tweet and it sparked calls to remake Season 8. Just by coincidence, George RR Martin gave us an update of sorts where he stated the same thing in a rather cryptic post on his status. Which lead some people to believe he may be close to finishing The Winds of Winter OR we may never you see it. Either way George sounds DONE, and I don’t mean finished with the book. So is most of the fandom.

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  1. In all the discussions about Martin and finishing the last two books, everyone has missed something that I remember very distinctly. The HBO producers did an interview and one of the questions was with regards to the possibility that the series would run out of stories if Martin did not finish the books. What they said was Martin had specific contractual deadlines to have his manuscripts in to his publisher so HBO could use them to write the series. The interviewer asked if Martin had met the deadlines and they said he had for all SEVEN books. This was around when Martin had a snit about HBO not following his story. I later read a piece in an English paper that quoted Martin’s publisher that he did have the manuscripts for the last two books, but Martin likes to revise things and had not given him permission to publish them. I had also seen somewhere that Marin’s contract allowed HBO to develop their own ending if he did not meet the manuscript deadlines, which is actually typical for such deals per an entertainment lawyer I know.

    The impression I had at the time was Martin did submit manuscripts to meet his contract terms (far too much cash at risk) but he wanted the stories to go in a different direction. I think HBO pressured Martin to produce a story line they could film and he has hated it and simply refuses to publish it. I also wonder if HBO doesn’t prefer he not publish the books which will be very different and they think it would hurt them. This casts a different light on his new 5 year deal. One that sounds rather suspect since the man is utterly unable to produce anything like what they need.

    Martin clearly has his own agenda and he never really cared much about the fans when his interests diverged. IF you want to see the two books issued, there is in fact one thing that just might work. I saw an interview with him from around the time the first book was published. He was asked who was the author he wanted to be compared to and he immediately said JRR Tolkien. He admired JJRRT for building a complete world with extensive attention to every detail. In reality Tolkien finished his works and thus it became something that is truly a saga. Martin should be asked if his incomplete series can stand p to the legacy of Tolkien if he fails to publish the last books. I would be very curious to see how he reacts to that because the simple truth is his legacy collapses without a complete series.

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