The New Woke Gods CANCELLED | You Can’t DISLIKE Friday Night Tights with The Quartering

Welcome to Friday Night Tights a @Nerdrotic​ in ASSOCIATION with @Geeks + Gamers​ production.

Featuring Special Guest Jeremy from @TheQuartering​ and @MidWestly

The MAD LADS: Gary from @Nerdrotic@Nerdrotic Daily@Nerdrotic Live​ Jeremy from @Geeks + Gamers@DDayCobra@Sports Wars@Park Hoppin’ – Geeks And Gamers@Gaming With Geeks@Comix Division​ from @Unsafe Space​ Odin from @OMB Reviews​ and @The OMB Report​ Ryan from @Ryan Kinel – RK Outpost​ and @RK Outpost Live​ Tom from@Midnight’s Edge​ and @Midnight’s Edge After Dark@1/4 Black Garrett​ from @StevenCrowder​ and AZ from @HeelvsBabyface

@Pierry Chan​ Clip MASTER Produced by Xray Girl

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