Winds of Winter – The Forsaken Sample Chapter | A Song of ice and Fire Read By Nerdrotic

Winds of Winter sample chapter THE FORSAKEN read by Gary from  @Nerdrotic  From A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin.

Aeron Damphair awakens in a grim dungeon and is forced to drink shade of the evening by his brother, Euron. Aeron dreams of his dead brother Urri, of Euron on a throne of skulls, and of gods impaled on the Iron Throne.

Aeron remembers that after the kingsmoot he intended to raise the smallfolk of the Iron Islands, but he was quickly abducted by Euron’s mutes. After the taking of the Shields, he was held in the dungeon of Oakenshield Castle and visited by Falia Flowers, the bastard daughter of Lord Humfrey Hewett. Despite Aeron’s warning, Falia insisted she will become Euron’s salt wife and a sister to Daenerys Targaryen, who is to be Euron’s rock wife. While sailing on the Silence to the current dungeon, Euron admits to having caused the deaths of HarlonRobin, and King Balon.

At the second dungeon, Aeron is joined by mutilated priests, including septons, a burned red priest who quickly dies, and warlocks, one of whom repeats the word “Pree“. In another vision, Aeron sees Euron as a kraken-like figure on the Iron Throne, accompanied by a shadow in a woman’s form. Aeron and the other priests are eventually brought from the second dungeon to the stone hall above. It is filled with hanging corpses, men who lived on an isle near the Arbor.

Euron’s men prepare for the arrivals of the Redwyne fleet and ships of House Hightower. On the deck of the Silence, Aeron sees Euron armored in Valyrian steel and believes Euron’s claim at the kingsmoot to have visited Valyria. Euron orders the priests to be bound to the prows of ironborn longships, with Aeron on the Silence. Once at sea, Aeron is joined by Falia, now pregnant and without tongue. Aeron tastes salt on his lips.

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