Gina Carano STRIKES BACK!! Friday Night Tights with Keri Smith from Unsafe Space

Welcome to Friday Night Tights a @Nerdrotic  and  @Geeks + Gamers  production.

Featuring special guest  @Unsafe Space  ​KERI SMITH

The MAD LADS: Gary from  @Nerdrotic   @Nerdrotic Daily   @Nerdrotic Live  Jeremy from  @Geeks + Gamers   @DDayCobra   @Sports Wars   @Park Hoppin’ – Geeks And Gamers   @Gaming With Geeks  ​ Hey Hey  @Comix Division  Odin from @OMB Reviews  and  @The OMB Report  My internet son Ryan from  @Ryan Kinel – RK Outpost  Tom from  @Midnight’s Edge   @1/4 Black Garrett  from  @StevenCrowder  and AZ from  @HeelvsBabyface  ​ The Terry Gilliam of FNT  @Pierry Chan  ​Clip Master

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  1. NIce show once again. Can you please Roast the Expanse more! The corruption of good shows should never be accepted by the fans. Turning your back on a dead corpse is not enough these days. We need to take their shit and throw it in their faces till the chocke to death!


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