Batwoman Season 2 FLOPS | Premiere Ratings DISASTER

Batwoman Season 2 is on track to be as bad, if not worse, than season 1. In quality and in the ratings. Turns out the only people watching it are YouTuber’s and fifty-something-men. A monumental achievement. We have the average CW feelings in hallways and feelings in The Batcave Ruby coupled with that signature Batwoman writing who abandoned all sense of logic last season. Mix in some awful music and a car chase between a Van Down by the River and The Batmobile and we have an unintentionally hilarious delight in bad TV. Ruby Rose has left and she is replaced by Javicia Leslie, who is only a slight improvement. At least she can emote, but not well. No surprises here. Batwoman is everything we expected it to be, now let’s see how far the rating crash.

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