Star Trek Discovery’s Hilariously AWFUL Season 3

Star Trek Discovery Season 3 was a hilarious disaster that some how managed to put an expiration date Star Trek Canon while trying to move away from it. Wanting to move 930 years in the future so Kurtzman and Paradise could be ‘free’ of the established lore exemplifies why they are, and have always been, the worst people for the job. Season 3 if filled with the usual Kurtzman Trek, plot holes, contrived story telling, Michael Burnham Space Jesus amped up to 11, and something new ..crying. Lots of crying. There is someone crying in 9 out of 13 episodes. The only thing left to do is chronicle a once great franchises very slow demise.What it has become is on of the most intentionally hilarious shows this side of Batwoman. Yes, we are getting a season 4 and 5, doesn’t matter at this point. Star Trek is done under Kurtzman. It has never, and will never catch on. It’s CBS and Netflix’s money to burn.

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