Hollywood, CLOWNIFORNIA | The Expanse CANCELLED Again | SyFy GRRL Interrupted | Dave Chapelle | Obi-Woke Kenobi

Welcome to the show. Today we will discuss Hollywood’s incoming Olive Branch and howe the are more ‘essential’ than you or I. The Expanse is cancelled along with Cas Anvar. SyFy GRRL instant regret as Gina Carano is victorious. Dave Chappelle pulls rank and makes Star Trek Discovery’s CBS/Viacom look like the hypocrites that they are.


  1. Its kind of sad that there are people out there who think Gary’s behavior is how a typical rational adult male should act. The man is absolutely psychologically imbalanced, he speaks like a child, cussed out JJ Abrams for saying absolutely nothing offensive or vitriolic. Much like the President, he smothers himself in convenient lies so he doesn’t have to face reality, and any person who studies even a tiny bit of psychology would observe his content, his words, his demeanor, and overall attitude and not diagnose him as a healthy individual.

    People are free to have opinions, but the method to which he expresses it is childish, unprofessional, immature, and downright sad for a man his age. The language he uses is something 8 year olds are discouraged from saying.

    1. Well mister Yahoo- he’s a better man than the antifa-supporting clowns in Hollywood. Childish and immature? Have you seen what passes for ‘professional journalism’ in the mainstream media these days?

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