RIP DC Comics | Marvel’s SILENCE | LEAVING San Francisco | Lower Decks | 300 | Gina Carano

Welcome to Friday Night Tights with  @Geeks + Gamers  ! Tonight’s very special guest  @Just Some Guy  joins us as we discuss the long predicted fall of the American Comic Book Industry as DC Comics abandons some of their employees and the comic shop. All this and much more on #FridayNightTights Your HOSTS: Gary from  @Nerdrotic  and  @Nerdrotic Live  Jeremy  @DDayCobra  from  @Geeks + Gamers  and  @Park Hoppin’ – Geeks And Gamers   @Odin’s Movie Blog   @Comix Division  and Tom from  @Midnight’s Edge  and  @Midnight’s Edge After Dark  Produced by LadyGravemaster Clips by  @Pierry Chan 

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