Friday Night Tights with Ethan Van Sciver: Comic Crisis of Multiple Karens | Disney HACKED? Gamer Girl | WORST Watchmen | Star REKT

Welcome to Friday Night Tights with  @Geeks + Gamers  Featuring special guest Ethan Van Sciver from All Caps Comics and  @ComicArtistPro Secrets  Your humble hosts Gary from  @Nerdrotic  Jeremy  @DDayCobra  from  @Geeks + Gamers   @Odin’s Movie Blog   @Comix Division  and AZ from  @HeelvsBabyface  also featuring Tom from  @Midnight’s Edge  and  @Midnight’s Edge After Dark  after Odin’s bedtime. Today we will discuss gamer girl, the long slow death of the comic industry, whisper networks, Disney trouble, twitter hacks

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