Naughty Dog gets FIXED | Cancel Culture KARENS | Fear and Loathing at LUCASFILM | Kurt Metzger GuesT – Friday Night tights

Welcome to Friday Night Tights with @Geeks + Gamers ! Featuring special guest Kurtz Metzger @Cant Get Right with Kurt Metzger Your Hosts Gary from @Nerdrotic @Comix Division Tom from @Midnight’s Edge and @Midnight’s Edge After Dark and AZ from @HeelvsBabyface Standing in for Jeremy and Odin Ryan fro @Ryan Kinel – RK Outpost – RK Outpost and @1/4 Black Garrett from Louder with Crowder Tonight we will discuss Bleeding Fool’s expose on Comic Industry Whisper Networks. The general state of the comic industry. remember you can’t turn The Titanic on a dime! The environment of fear, paranoia, and control at Lucasfilm and how that causes more leaks and rumors. The general state of comedy and I’m pretty sure Brie Larson and T Louie 2 will be brought up. Welcome to the show!

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