George Lucas HORRIFIED by Disney Star Wars! Jon Favreau HATES The Last Jedi?

George Lucas and Jon Favreau hate the Last Jedi according to writer and producer Kamran Pasha and Lucas is ‘Horrified’ at what has happened to Star Wars under Disney. All this went down on a live stream yesterday on:  @Geeks + Gamers  check it out here: A Disney Star Wars Schadenfreude smorgasbord for you featuring Dave Filoni’s comments from 4 years ago that recently surfaced causing ‘The Filoning’ and an article asking to remake The Original Trilogy. SPECIAL THANKS TO PIERRY CHAN who created that intro. @Hey_SongBird on Twitter

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  1. Kamran Pasha was the same guy who wrote incredibly immature tweets bashing the last Jedi and then as a not so reputable extension screenwriter teacher, started screaming on his twitter that he would teach his students how not to write a screenplay using TLJ, and all the fake fandom menace media lied and misrepresented reality by saying “TLJ USED IN SCHOOLS HOW NOT TO WRITE A SCREENPLAY”? He is not part of a school, he’s an extension teacher who also calls people morons on his twitter account, so he is clearly an emotional liar and the Fandom Menace media fell for it hook line and sinker. Lucas may very well dislike the idea of the sequels but as individual films, who knows. Favreau I have no idea, I doubt he hates it because his films score very well among rotten Tomato film critics and so did TLJ and most of Rian Johnson’s films as much as people refuse to see Knives Out, Looper or Brick because denying reality is funny on the internet but could lead to deadly consequences in real life.

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