The Last of Us 2 TAKEDOWN! Naughty Dog False Flags YOUTUBERS? Friday Night Tights

Welcome to Friday Night Tights with Geeks + Gamers! Tonight we will discuss all of the drama surrounding the Last of Us 2 and their pathetic attempts to silence the fans(potential paying customers) as well as Viacom/CBS possibly getting purchased by Netflix. Also. Lucasfilm can’t stop being Disney Star WAS and it is HILARIOUS! Will Apple buy Disney? Will Jeremy buy a summer home? Will Ryan be able to afford more V-Necks? Will Comix ever learn how to spell comics? Will Odin every have a box office to report on? Will AZ stop fondling his Huntress statue? The answer to some of these questions and more on FRIDAY NIGHT TIGHTS! FEATURING: Gary from @Nerdrotic , Jeremy @DDayCobra from @Geeks + Gamers , @Odin’s Movie Blog , @Comix Division , @Ryan Kinel – RK Outpost and AZ from @HeelvsBabyface

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