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You’re MuhQueen. Greetings Freefolk and Kneelers! Welcome to Friday Night Tights with  @Geeks + Gamers  with special guests  @HeelvsBabyface  and  @MauLer  ! ! Hosts: Gary from  @Nerdrotic  Jeremey  @DDayCobra  from Geeks + Gamers  @Odin’s Movie Blog  and  @Comix Division 

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  1. When I heard the, uh, “plot” for Gotham High that involves Harvey Dent putting on a Bruce Wayne’s jacket & getting “mistaken” for Bruce by the kidnappers, my jaw hit the ground. I remembered watching an episode of MacGyver (the original not the lame remake) on Heroes & Icons a while ago & it had the same type of plot. (“Hearts of Steel”) A young Mayim Bialik (freakin Blossom!) played a daughter in a rich family that is targeted by kidnappers. She goes to the mall with her friend & her friend asks if she could wear her fancy jacket. Guess what? The wrong girl gets kidnapped because the henchmen were told to nab a teenage girl with a specific jacket. I don’t know & to be honest, I doubt the Gotham High “creators” would watch an old, or in their words, a boomer show like the original MagGyver. At least, the 80’s henchmen didn’t have the benefit of smartphones or any social media to look up that they screwed up big time. Oh my God!

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