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Welcome to The ExoZone where High Strangeness meets reality. The future ruler of earth Doomcock and Gary from Nerdrotic have an open and somewhat free discussion about the strange times we are in.

This is exclusive due to the draconian rules on YouTube right now.

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  1. Chinese New Year happened a long time ago. Just as this was starting. It happened the middle of January.

    1. The CCP did nothing to control the greatest migration of humans in the world.

      Also, it was already well underway during Chinese New Year. The CCP sat on this for a month (this goes into December) and they did nothing about it. They held a massive, several thousand people, state banquet almost on top of ground zero. By the time they finally admitted that something was going on, they were already past any means of containment for Wuhan. And the Chinese New Year travel spread this thing everywhere.

      All the quarantine attempts made by China were mostly just cosmetics. People largely ignored it, it was barely enforced. Sure, they told the world they were building hospitals in 10 days, which was just more distraction by the CCP. They didn’t build a single hospital in 10 days. What they built was leaking sheds unfit to hold even barn animals.

      The death toll in Wuhan alone is estimated to be 40,000+, based on the urns that were ordered. But the problem with that is that crematoriums can’t handle such numbers without breaking down. There are other reports of burn pits, etc. You wouldn’t use urns at that stage anymore, because there would be too many casualties to maintain an orderly disposal of bodies.

      I would not be surprised if the death toll in China was 7 digit. This is the CCP after all.

      The CCP cares about saving face and social order.

      The CCP doesn’t care about people’s lives.

      Every time China is hit by disaster the CCP shows this.

  2. The global pandemic authority is supposedly the WHO. The WHO massively failed in this. Their job would have been to ring the alarm bells in January. But when cases and bodies were already piling up in Wuhan, the WHO told us that there was no evidence for human to human transmission.

    But let’s say we make a new one. Who will oversee it? The UN?

    The UN, another global org which had a very noble goal. They failed right after their foundation (Korean War.) They have failed for literally decades. And now the UN put China into their so called “human rights” council. The UN, just like the WHO, is obsolete.

    Remember the League of Nations? The UN is an even worse failure than that.

    What will happen is that globalism dies. We’ll hopefully all go back to borders, the open border nonsense will end. Allied countries will combine their efforts on fighting such pandemics, but it won’t be anything global. It can’t be. China has lied about this from day one, they’re still lying right now. But suddenly we trust them? No, that’s not going to happen.

    The CCP lied, the WHO complied, and people died because of this.

    1. In regards to JFK, he didn’t stand up during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Soviets were the ones dictating this game.

      Let’s keep in mind that the Soviet missiles on Cuba were not unprecedented. The US had missiles in Europe close to the USSR, so the Soviets decided to want them gone and pulled this off, knowing well that the US wouldn’t want this. They based missiles on Cuba.

      At the end of it, the Soviets got what they wanted. The US removed the missiles closest to the USSR. Nikita played JFK like a fiddle in this.

  3. Great episode guys! Really wish we didn’t have to be so stealthy on Youtube about this stuff but it is what it is. Thanks for making it available regardless!

  4. Great show as always guys!!! It’s a pain that we can’t talk openly on U tube….but such is life. Keep smiling and keep on keeping on folks!

  5. Manny hospital staff are saying deaths due to heart failure, pneumonia, etc. are having their death certificates changed to say it was the recent pandemic instead of the real cause. It’s greatly inflating the numbers.

  6. I believe I had the China Virus. I say believe cause when I called the VA about how I was feeling I was told to stay home. But I had all th3 symptoms. Bad cough, 102-103° fever, loss of taste and smell and shortness of breath from just walking across the room.

  7. I have heard a couple stories from college students who think they had “the thing” in November after coming into contact with students from China. I know a few people who were sick over the holidays with a ‘weird flu’ that seemed to linger a while then cleared up. If these anecdotes are true, that is one of the reasons why the numbers are lower than estimates (among several other reasons). “Patient zero” in NY (New Rochelle) was getting blamed for everything in the area at first. There were conflicting stories about him traveling internationally and he brought it in. Then finally it was revealed he had not been traveling at all and the local doctors believe “the thing” was floating around the area unnoticed for months. Suddenly everyone stopped talking about the New Rochelle outbreak.

    Some people have said the lasting lung problems come from the ventilator or oxygen treatments, which only affects the worst cases.

    Allegedly, Gates funneled $50m to WHO right before they reluctantly re-labeled “the thing” as a pandemic. This is in addition to all the other millions he gives them to ease the way for his foundation.

    Watch “JFK: Declassified” with Robert Baer.
    Watch “Frontline: The Man Who Knew”

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