Marvel Desperation! Picard Nihilism! #RIPDoctorWho! Disney Star Wars Apathy

Join us for a few hours as we discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly in pop culture.

DISCLAIMER The views of Jeremy from Geeks + Gamers do not reflect the views of Gary from Nerdrotic which do not reflect the views of Comix Division who’s spelling of ‘Comix’ does not reflect the grammar skills of Odin’s Movie Blog who’s lack of a movie blog is not the responsibility of HeelsVsBabyFace who’s shipping of Dana Schwartz does not besmirch the integrity of The Critical Drinker who’s alcoholism does not effect the sobriety of Gary who’s beard does not shame the peach fuzz on Jeremy’s face. – The Nerdrotic Illegal Team

Welcome to Friday Night Tights!

Hosts: Gary from @Nerdrotic Jeremy @DDayCobra from @Geeks + Gamers @Comix Division and @Odin’s Movie Blog with special guest: @HeelvsBabyface and @The Critical Drinker All live streams are unlisted when they are completed AND MOVED OVER TO MY ALTERNATE CHANNEL  @Nerdrotic Live  (please subscribe) To everyone who enjoyed this broadcast (or didn’t) I want you all to be safe.

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