Star Trek Discovery Lawsuit and Star Trek Picard | Plagiarism or Homage?

Star Trek Picard and Star Trek Discovery all have a lot of visual and story elements that seem familiar. Is it theft? Paying homage? Is Alex Kurtzxman and Secret hideout Creatively bankrupt? An update on the Anas Abdin Tardigrades | Star Trek Discovery Lawsuit appeal. DISCLAIMER: A lot of YouTubers, and multiple people in all of our live streams, twitter, and the world in general noticed the similarities with Star Trek Discovery Season 2 : Such Sweet Sorrow Part 2 and BSG, Inception, Star Wars, Terminator, 2001, etc. I do not pretend to have any “ownership” of noticing these simulates. This video exist just to show these simulates, the Modus operandi. The Pattern of repurposing behavior from Alex Kurtzman and Secret Hideout.

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