Chris Chibnall Killed Doctor Who | Just Don’t Tell The BBC

Another week, another drop in the ratings for Doctor Who. This would just be a normal week, except this was the big penultimate episode of the disastrous series 12. Normally the 2nd to last episode of the season brings a ratings bump, not this time. This is also an indicator that apathy is setting in. Many here on YouTube warned this would happen. Now the finale is in danger, unless there is a record spike in ratings. Which there won’t be. It looks like the show has past the point of no return. Don’t worry though, The BBC remains vigilant and is determined to air a show no one wants to watch anymore.


  1. As I mentioned on Twitter the Dr was born a male, his name is Theatus Cigma as referenced by Douglas Adams in the Armageddon Factor, he is of Noble blood as referenced in the Deadly Assassin, he has a wife and children which led to Grandchildren he was outlaw from his own society and put on trial when he returned, his Tardis is the only one in existence as the rest were put out of commission, oh his got two hearts, so Gary how can Chibnall dismiss all that and write it as a lie, if anything his writing is a lie and projected by the 3rd wave feminist Whitaker and her family of yes men added to that the PC rubbish and lazy writing to fit around the box ticking, and they have the nerve to justify this pile of BS, what does that say to the fans that made this show and all the time and investment they have included yourself and many others. So I joined the long list of people who ripped the TV licence up and not watch anymore BBC and their Left Wing lunacy. There is some good news though Cole and Walsh have quit leaving 2 left and so there is some hope the BBC are feeling the pressure, but too little too late I’m afraid!
    Thanks for reading this Gary.

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