Batman Leaks | Picard’s Deconstruction | Doctor Who Sinks | The BBC Attacks! DC Comics Fires DiDio?

Welcome to #FridayNightTights is association with Geeks + Gamers. Tonight we will open with some weirdness going on with this platform. Dan DiDio quits DC! Batman costume pictures leak. Star Trek Picard descends into darkness and deconstruction. Doctor Who’s failure triggers The BBC to attack all of fandom. Hosts: Gary from @Nerdrotic Jeremy @DDayCobra from @Geeks + Gamers @Comix Division @Odin’s Movie Blog With guests: John F. Trent from @Bounding Into Comics and @1/4 Black Garrett from @StevenCrowder and a special appearance by @MauLer !!! #BatmanLeaks #StarTrekPicard

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