Rise of Skywalker FLOP | Times Up Watchmen | James Bond Remains a Dude | The End of DC Comics?

Welcome to FRIDAY NIGHT TIGHTS is association with  @Geeks + Gamers  Tonight we will discuss the possible first major casualties in The Streaming Wars. Watchmen, Dark Tower, and the Game of Thrones prequels. Is The Fall of Skywalker a billion dollar Disney Star Wars flop? Disney Star Wars turning the page. The Baby Yoda distraction. James Bond is a man…still. Doctor Who Rotten Tomatoes and what the hell is DC Comics doing? Featuring:  @1/4 Black Garrett  from a tiny channel called Louder with Crowder Hosts: Gary  @Nerdrotic  Jeremy  @DDayCobra   @Odin’s Movie Blog   @Comix Division   @Ryan Kinel – RK Outpost   @Midnight’s Edge After Dark   @Geeky Candi  All live streams after they air go to  @Nerdrotic Live  (please subscribe)

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