The Rise of Skywalker Leaks on Disney Star Wars | Kevin Feige v Jar Jar Abrams | Friday Night Tights with Geeks + Gamers

Welcome to Friday Night Tights! A Co-Production of Nerdrotic and Geeks + Gamers. Tonight we will discuss Release the JJ Cut/Release the Abrams Cut trending as started by Geeks + Gamers. More Leaks. The approaching M-She) and the possible battle between Kevin Feige v Jar Jar Abrams. Think 2019 was bad? Looks like the behind the scenes will better than what we get on screen. Featuring:  @Odin’s Movie Blog   @Comix Division   @MarcTheCyborg   @Ryan Kinel – RK Outpost   @Geeky Candi   @DDayCobra  from  @Geeks + Gamers 

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