The Rise of Skywalker Review | Disney Star Wars’ Failure is Complete

Live reaction right after seeing The Rise of Skywalker. The Fall of Skywalker is an embarrassment to cinema, Star Wars, Star Wars fans, and George Lucas. This film wasn’t fan service, it was JJ Abrams service.

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  1. I am usually onboard with most criticisms of content reviewed on your channel and site and I actually enjoyed ROS as much as one could given the flawed process Disney has used to make the sequel trilogy. I had it in my head that TLJ was decent despite a few scenes- then I watched it again and the 40% of the film that is rotten really does ruin the whole film. I am angered that despite JJ setting up characters in TFA, RJ insisted on the inclusion of Rose. As if that’s not bad enough, the musical theme that plays when she is on screen makes me feel sick to my stomach- it plays in my head when I watch a SJW scene in any movie or show now. The codebreaker plotline is so bad I can’t rewatch this film without skipping it. It was out of place – the film could have been better if they used that time differently and it makes me sick to think they did this to a potentially essential film in the sequel trilogy. ROS teamed Fin up with Poe and that’s how it should have been in the last film. Seeing Rose mitigated in ROS was like a victory for me- it shows that to some extent that JJ listened to the audience and ignored critical acclaim that had little to do with the story and more to do with politics and contemporary themes that should never find their place in a Star Wars film. Considering RJ ruined the middle film of the sequel trilogy, JJ did what he could to tie it all together and give a somewhat satisfying ending. It is by no means great and should have been planned out before filming of first film ever started. Releasing them 3 years apart would have been a much better move as well. It feels rushed, but in the end I believe ROS has much more replay value than the other 2 in the sequel trilogy. Notice how TLJ has 40% audience score and 90% critic score, and ROS has 50% critic score and audience score in the 80% range. It goes to show TLJ was not audience score bombed –people hated it.. ROS might not be perfect and is not great by any means, but compared to TLJ it feels like a masterpiece… Which is sad…

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