The Herminator: Dark Flop | Disney Star Wars Spinning Leakage – Friday Night Tights

Welcome to Friday Night Tights. Happy Blade Runner day! Tonight we will discuss the week that was more embarrassment for Game of Thrones, HBO, and Disney Star Wars. We will also discuss The Terminator for those of you who have seen it. if you haven’t, don’t bother. All this with some incredible guests and the equally incredible

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  1. Gary Buechler, dude your a proper inspiration to me. I don’t mean that as a fan boy but more the way your earlier story mirrors my own. When you were straight up honest on a Podcast recently and explained about the Crystal Meth and the time in the joint and how it destroyed your life I found myself able to completely relate to that. A lot of my pharma use was because I got badly injured when I was jumped and left for dead by a gang of thugs. Thing is when I got much better the pills continued and just kept getting worse and worse. I find myself wondering exactly how you pulled yourself out of it and got yourself to where you are now? It’s a marvel and you are a big inspiration my man..

    Keep up the sterling work as your the 1st I turn to for all topics you cover..

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