Star Trek is Broken | Picard Used to Attack Fans by Access Media

The Access Media is at it again. under the headline of uniting the broken Star Trek fanbase, that they are now admitting is broken, they use this opportunity to attack fans with the same old arguments. it runs like a greatest hits of fan attacks. Stop fan blaming. Star Trek is broken because of CBS and Alex Kurtzman, not the fandom.

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  1. As a life long Star Wars fan and a casual observer of Star Trek, I’m fascinated by the Access Media’s apparent *warfare* with the two fandoms and why they continue to believe it is a winning strategy going forward.

    There needs to be a comprehensive clean out at the HQ’s of both franchises and a return to the storytelling that made both franchises so successful in the first place – *Because Those Stories & Narratives Are Timeless*. No amount of indentitarian experimentation is going to make these franchises successful in the modern era, because humans, in the main, will always find classic storytelling more resonant.

    Hollywood ignores this at their peril.

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