Doctor Who Cares? More PC Plots in Season 12 | Plastic is Bad, but Buy Ours!

Looks like that Doctor Who Season 12’s return to past narrative has been debunked with the latest news that The Doctor will be battling climate change and useless plastic in our oceans. Maybe they will spin this as a reason why there is so little Doctor Who merchandise in the form of action figures. Maybe they are doing their part? I will certainly do mine by not purchasing what little there is out there.

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  1. Me and Doctor Who have had an on-again off-again relationship. I watch what I like and have no wish to be preached to, The-Evil-Corp AKA Disney has that down pat. Science Fiction does what if, and we-are-all-gonna-die, and even survival is hard because the universe does not play favorites.

    Story is bossman on sci-fi TV, however, story development in series 11 was craft current events and ideology into the show. I am not sorry to say I tried 3 times to watch 1st & 2nd episodes; Never made it two end. Never watched any of the remaining Series 11 episodes.

    Series 12? Not going to bother watching but may record a few.

    Plastic: Banning plastic straws is a feel-good campaign that does nothing to reduce plastic in the ocean — When developing world catches up then the struggle with cleaning up and righting wrongs.

    WE_ARE_ALL_GONNA_DIE, soon: (spaceballs clip plays) The climate change issue is so politicized that disinformation is more than just a thorn in the foot it is a pain in the neck. There are no simple solutions. Weather happens, Climate Changes.

    Where are USA’s nuclear plants that could generate electricity for all that green electric stuff, and HVAC? The same voices calling for renewables now killed construction of power plants. It’s about to explode in their collective face (not literally).

    Sorry Doctor Who, since you went to therapy you changed too much.

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