Game of Thrones’ Collapse Is Not The Fans Fault..still | You Know Nothing Jon Snow

Game of Thrones backlash week has begun now that Season 8 Episode 6 “The Iron Throne” and Kit Harrington has weighed in on fan expectations and what he thinks were “logical’ character arcs in season 8. I disagree, You know nothing Jon Snow. As the backlash get worse look to hear from more of the creatives from this show.
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  1. I agree about the questionable writing but I disagree about the development of Dany’s character. I think, if you can “read between the lines” you can see that something is ticking inside of her as early as Season 4, latest Season 5. Emilia Clarke has not for nothing been praised for her performance. The hints are very subtle and maybe you have to even have psychological training or experience from a bad relationship with a crazy person to see them, but I think, Dany’s turn was to be expected. Maybe people’s perception is too much ruined but the superficial trash which is nowadays dominating TV and movies, so they can’t read subtleties any more?

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