Game of Thrones Fans GoT Punk’d | Avengers: Endgame and News

Welcome to the Nerdrotic Nooner
Today we will talk about last night’s Game of Thrones: The Long Night of Disappointment. Also Avengers: Endgame shatters records and some Orville talk. Will you be my Nooner?

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  1. No Straight lines..
    What DB/DBW don’t get..? Fat Fuck(FF) an/or GRRM created a werld, where there aint no “Straight Lines”.. GOT is a story told in suddle curvages.. Consequently S8E3 is pethetic at best, a diaster that under minded the entire series, at werst.. And what makes it even more frustrating, DB/DBW took a year an half off to come up with this crap.. Monkey,, Mozart… Gonna go out on limb an say most viwer woulda appreciate if DB/DBW got a banna, let FF(Mozart) finish the books.. Even if that ment taking a few five-ish years off between seasons.. Force the FF to stop clowning around an get off his fat ass an finish what he started.. I woulda sued his ass off, for starters.. Fort not meating his Contractual Obligations.. Money talks, Bullshit walks..

    This how I think S8E3 shoulda been done:
    Ya know the problem with any Ego.. Big Ego’s have trouble being in close proximity to other big Ego’s.. All Professional soldier have one thing in common, a healthy Ego.. The only time that healthy Ego’s aren’t ready to kill themselves, is when they have a common enemy to fight.. Massed at Winterfeld is the largest army in the known history of the 7 kingdoms.. The only reason they aren’t at each other’s throats, the Army of the Dead Blue-Eyes(BE) is coming too due battle..

    The ultimate Curve-ball.. The Army of the Dead doesn’t show up as expected.. The next day still no BE.. Intelligence is key to any victories.. Scout’s are disbatched.. They find nothing.. Day after day, then week after week an still no BE to be seen any where.. Of course there werse thing for a soldier: Waiting.. Waiting to die, brings out the werste in people, especially people with big Ego’s.. Let just say S8E3 woulda be shot in daylight showing the never ending restlessness..

    At the very end of the episode a “Raven” shows up.. Brief an Poorly writen message from Cersei:“Westross has fallen to the Armi of the Daed”.. The last image is a face shot of Cersei opening her Blue Eyes.. Cut to ending credits..

    That’s how S8E3 shoulda played out.. Leaving the audience to imagines whats gonna happen next..? Only 3 episodes left.. It woulda made for an amazing ending..

    But it didn’t happen that way, we are gonna be left with nothing but a disappiontment..

    Bad Bunnii

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