Star Trek Discovery Season 2 Episode 6 Review The Sound of Thunder | Michael Burnham The Red Angel?

On this episode of Star Trek Discovery, for the 21st episode in a row Michael Burnham saves the day. Repeated information, Sarguyver makes a communicator out of a death drone. Tilly and Michael use space google to advance the evolution of a species and Pike almost has 2 great moments…almost.

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  1. Hi there Nerdrotic, I am a fan of your channel, specifically for your Star Trek Discovery commentary. I want to comment, specifically on your overall reaction to Star Trek Discovery. I am a dyed in the wool Trek fan, and love each series for it’s own unique take on Roddenberry’s vision. TOS aside, I can say with love in my heart for all Trek, , that the first two trek seasons of every series have generally been unwatchable. Ron Moore, writer of “The Inner Light” and a few other noteworthy TNG episodes, (not to mention BSG) comments on this often in interviews. I am not suggesting that somehow in Season 3, Star Trek Discovery will be better than the Orivlle, or be the character driven show we crave, but there is fertile ground to be explored in this show, and Trek has shown, series after series, no matter who is in charge, that characters fundamentally change for the better in each series, once the show find it’s stride. While I agree with many of your criticisms of Discovery so far, I see tons of potential in terms of these characters. While the warts of this show are highly visible, in terms of the dialogue, lazy plot arcs with a Deus-Ex-Machina a minute, and cannon-inconsistent design, there are a ton of of bright spots, including Doug Jones, the best Trek Music of any series, big budget special effects, and excellent sound design, replete with both old and new-school trek effects. I wonder if you would be interested in doing a show about what Discovery would have to do to course correct? Instead of suggesting that the Disco production team just fold it up and go home, I think that positive reinforcement on what’s working, and suggestions on how to move forward would be beneficial not just for CBS, but for fans as well. I think a re-tooled Discovery Season 3 would be better than no discovery at all, and that there is an absolute TON of potential. Thank you for your awesome work, and I’m looking forward to hearing more Nerdrotic Discovery reviews!

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