Doctor Who, Captain Marvel, and Star Trek Discovery | Forced Characters and Movement Marketing

Today we will talk about Captain Marvel, Doctor Who, Star Trek Discovery, and Star Wars. What do they all have in common? A disingenuous marketing campaign to make them all more than what they are. Legion cancelled and 38K subs!

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  1. Distort, Demonise, Destroy
    When waging a war, you attack the symbols, values and traditions held dear by the enemy. The changes to Star Trek, Star Wars and Doctor Who have nothing to do with inclusivity and everything to do with distorting, demonising and, if necessary destroying, perceived icons of masculinity.
    Anything and everything that may project a positive male image is under attack. Look at how father figures are shown: “Bad Dad”, “Abusive Dad”, “Drunk Dad”, “Absent Dad”, “Cold-hearted Dad”, “Repentant Dad”. Aquaman Sr is one of the few exceptions and he had less than five minutes screen time.
    How many recent films can you highlight that depict positive father role-models for your son(s) to emulate? Excluding the ultra-masculine smashy-smashy heroes like James Bond, Ethan Hunt, or Jack Reacher, how many positive non-father role-models are there?
    In this campaign to Distort, Demonise and Destroy, the male hero is that last to fall. So how long before James Bond becomes Jane?
    (P.S. Sorry if this is a duplicate post)

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