Doctor Who’s Problem Was Men and Not Enough Jodie Whittaker?

The NewStatesmen has gotten to the bottom of the problem with Doctor Who and it isn’t what you, or anyone else who watched the show thought. One of the more insane articles I have seen and that is saying something. Thanks to our friend Joe for passing this on. Enjoy.

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  1. Hi Gary.

    I came to your channel over the debacle that Dr. Who has become and I really appreciate your ongoing effort to highlight the pathetic effort to
    ram agendas down the throats of long term fans at the expense of entertaining programmes.

    I watched the entire series including the New Year’s Day special and didn’t care at all for any episode. The joyless experience of watching an
    episode in the vain hope that the old values of fun, entertainment, suspense of belief, exciting new enemies to battle against would resurface
    ended in abject failure. I stuck with it in the hope of a new enemy akin to The Angels, The Silence, anything just anything….but it was not to be.

    The biggest issues for me were; Lack of science fiction, agenda driven story lines, too many ‘assistants’ (not mates,friends,’fam’), lack of jeopardy,
    lack of excitement, unsubtle bashing of men over and over again, terrible ‘villains’ including a Frog and the ship eating creature the PTING, even Tim Shaw who
    was destroyed by multiple DNA bombs….survived. To recap the men bashing, a father decided to leave his blind daughter while he vanishes for days to see the
    ghost of his dead wife and not only that, decided to terrify her by setting up audio to make her think monsters or demons will kill her id she doesn’t keep
    the doors locked! The finale of the episode is where the Doctor meets a Frog who controls an alternative universe. Not even a CG frog but a good old
    1950’s quality hand puppet with no lip sync… was awful!!!

    The New Year’s special brought back the Dalek’s….well know, it actually brought back a Dalek, singular non-plural which was finally defeated by a Microwave but
    not before we had the Doctor explain how bad dads are and how Ryan’s dad was hopeless (as no doubt all men are). Budget’s must really be running low if they can only
    muster a single Dalek when previous iterations of the Doctor have faced multiples of them (into the millions!)

    Let’s also take into account the assistants. Yaz did…..errmm….well she met her Gran when she was younger. The absolute lack of anything actually happening
    in that episode almost made it appear to be a history lesson, planned a while back by Showrunner Chibnall and due to the lack of Yaz doing anything else in the series
    it almost seems like she was brought in just so Chibnall could run that single episode. Ryan was paraded as a new character to look up to as he is dealing with the
    condition of dyspraxia. It was mentioned in the first episode where we saw him trying to ride a bike…..and then bugger all was heard about it. This could actually
    have been integrated into the series if there had been an episode where he needed to do something like (for example) place something into a device to stop a bomb
    exploding, something that needed co-ordination. This would have shown him overcoming the condition to save the day…..but all that happened was he fell of a bike
    and his story was never progressed.
    Bradley Walsh playing Graham absolutely stole the show. His presence on screen always came as a relief and I am genuinely sad he isn’t playing the doctor. I think he would
    have been awesome!

    Finally let’s get to Jodie Whittaker. The face gurning, non charismatic, Doctor copying (Tennant/Smith), non individual, no interesting, non scary (the Doctor can be Dark too),
    men bashing, Social Justice Warrior and barely on screen Doctor. She is a husk of all that came before her and I am sure that Sylvester McCoy is now happy that he is
    no longer the worst Doctor!

    What has probably surprised me most is the media and it’s fawning over her and the series simply because it has become another vehicle to showcase social agendas and
    the removal of men from familiar roles. There was of-course room for a female Doctor, especially after Missy, but it needed someone who could play it with fun as well
    as gravitas. Whittaker finds none. She is a baron wasteland of emptiness where an ocean of emotion was required to portray a Time Lord who has seen death, horror, wars,
    inhumanity as well as having seen amazing fantastical places and experienced the wonders of the Universe(s). She had none. It was pathetic.
    The best performance in the whole series came from Bradley Walsh in the episode Rosa where he truly portrayed the dilemma of being the man who would change history simply
    by going on a bus. The burden showed, it was superb (the rest of the episode was of-course agenda driven but Bradley Walsh can’t be blamed for that).

    The saddest part of this is that Dr. Who used to be about Science Fiction, the writers have decided that all we need to know is Political Fact and set it mostly on planet earth (again!)
    because the Doctor’s Tardis just seems to be for popping in and around the Earth timeline, when the whole point of the Doctor is that the whole Universe is a playground,
    from any era in Time and any Dimension….but Earth is all we seem to get over and over again.

    Will I watch the Doctor when it returns? Yes, I am a fan of the Doctor and I just pray that they regenerate Whittaker, even if it is into another woman, but one who actually
    knows what burdens the Doctor has, while also putting a unique twist of their own personality into it. Personally James Nesbitt or Chris Marshall would be perfect!

    Cheers, Mysticpuma

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